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Kemper Lewis

Team Lead / Sr. Loan Originator / DORA Real Estate Commission Teacher / NMLS #273505

Kemper was born in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Denver University with a double major of Psychology and Speech Communication. Immediately after graduating he was awarded a managing real estate brokers license in Colorado. Over the next 10 years he worked with Moore and Company and Re/max 3000. In 1989, he took a position as Realty Specialist with FHA / US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He worked his way up to Acting Section Chief and managed Property Disposition, Asset Management and did special assignments with the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) division. In 1999 Kemper left the Government and started up Denver Home Loans, LLC which ran for 13 years. As compliance requirements and Government oversight got more intense he decided to get out of ownership and back to his native roots of being a mortgage broker. Kemper is now a Senior Loan Originator and Team Lead with MAC5 mortgage. His other passion is teaching. He teaches for Continuing Education Inc. Kemper’s favorite course to teach is the DORA/CREC 4 Hour Annual Update which real estate agents must take every year. He brings a lot of value to the course since he can intermingle his knowledge of real estate and mortgages into the subject material. NMLS #273505 MAC5 NMLS#199325

Pam Tellinger

Origination and Pricing Expert / Sr. Loan Originator / NMLS #178619

Pam brings to this team an amazing knowledge of loan origination. She is meticulous and detailed oriented. Most importantly her interactions with clients come back rated outstanding. She is truly a people person Pam is an integral part of The Home Finance Team. NMLS #172619 MAC5 NMLS#199325

Jenni Carpenter

Head Processor / Office Assistant

Jenni rounds out are team. She is the 3rd set of hands and eyes to ensure each loan comes in on time with funds at closing. Jenni communicates and keeps agents, borrowers, etc. updated at all times. Her multi tasking abilities are phenomenal. A perfect addition to this team!